Packlab contacts

Packlab was established in 1999 to meet the ever growing demand for self-adhesive applications in the best possible way. Given the increase in market demand for this kind of labelling technology, P.E. LABELLERS' Managing Director decided to set up a company strategically consisting of a team of technicians who already had 20 years of experience in the sector at the time and specialised in the production of self-adhesive labelling systems and self-adhesive linear labelling machines.

Packlab 2000

The Packlab self-adhesive head (Module), the fulcrum of the labelling application, was designed and patented. Packlab's self-adhesive stations were intended to be installed on all the future Packlab linear labelling machines and on P.E. LABELLERS' rotary labelling machines.


The production of the WING and SPINNER linear self-adhesive labelling machines was launched.

In this year, Packlab took part to its first trade fair in the industry; IMPATECH, a packaging technologies event held in Vicenza.


Creation of VELA, the self-adhesive linear labelling machine, ideal to label cylindrical containers


Design of the two linear labelling machines, NASTRA and DENASTRA, respectively designed to apply and remove labels on 20L and 30L steel beer kegs.


Design of the first linerless adhesive linear labelling machine, RAZOR. Specifically designed for the chemicals-detergents sector; it was later installed at the Bolton Manitoba Italy establishment.


Together with P.E. LABELLERS, Packlab took part at the Vinitaly trade fair with the Spinner model designed for the wine sector.

During the same year, it attended – again together with P.E. LABELLERS – CIBUSTEC, the international trade show on technologies for the food industry, and SIMEI, the international wine-making and bottling equipment exhibition where it presented its new self-adhesive linear labelling machine for the wine sector: CALIX.


Although it was defined as the ”year of the crisis‘ at a global level, 2008 brought a considerable increase in Packlab's business; figures that turned into a 40% increase compared to previous years.


Packlab attended Ipack-Ima 2009 by presenting a preview of its new Compact model.