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Packlab Special applications - High speeds

High speeds

High-speed linear labelling machines

Packlab's cutting-edge self-adhesive linear labelling machines can apply stickers and small labels at high speeds, up to 48,000 pph.






Packlab Special applications - Unsteady containers

Unsteady containers

Linear solution with open pucks

Packlab's linear labelling machines meet the needs of manufacturers that make personal care products (such shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, cosmetics) featuring container types that are specially designed by the marketing world but that are extremely unsteady and difficult to transfer on the packaging line. To solve the problem related to the stability of the product and prevent it from falling during the labelling process, Packlab offers an exclusive open-puck system to transfer products.

Packlab Special applications - Big formats

Big formats

We are not afraid of OVERSIZED containers!


The Packlab range includes linear labelling machines that can apply labels on big containers with a self-adhesive system. Some of our applications have been carried out in the following sectors:

- Food: labelling of full conical buckets from 5 kg to 10 kg containing mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and seasoning for the catering sector.

- Chemicals: labelling of empty conical buckets from 5 kg to 20 kg and labelling of rectangular kegs, full and empty, from 10L to 30L

- Water: labelling of one-way and returnable tanks from 5L to 19L with a tamper-evident L-shaped self-adhesive label.

Packlab Special applications - Ribbon labeller and Ribbon removal system for beer kegs

Ribbon labeller and Ribbon removal system for beer kegs

The special “Nastra” and “Denastra” machines are part of Packlab's range of labelling machines which are suitable to apply wrap-around linerless labels on beer kegs and also removing them from recovered kegs. The size of containers that can be handled ranges from Ø240 mm to Ø400 mm, for speeds up to 500 Pph.



Packlab Special applications - Optical orientation

Optical orientation

Systems made by Packlab!

Packlab's 10 year experience offers its clients an electronic department that can design and create innovative and bespoke solutions to meet a wide variety of labelling needs. Indeed, Packlab's self-adhesive linear labelling machines can be fitted with optical fibre systems or latest generation sensors to position cylindrical bottles up to 3,000 bph.

Packlab Special applications - Small size

Small size

XXS size? No problem.

We label lipsticks, nail varnishes, tubes, phials, small bottles, small jars and a number of other kinds of products with really “EXTRA SMALL” dimensions.





Packlab Special applications - Soft surfaces

Soft surfaces

Who said that containers whose surface is not perfectly rigid and regular are difficult to label? Packlab provides linear labelling machines that can easily handle products such as small containers for the dairy sector, small bags used to contain food, but also PVC drip feeds for the pharmaceutical sector.