About Us

The company PackLab is specialized in the production of labeling systems with pressure sensitive technology.

Founded in 1999 in Mantua (IT), in over twenty years it has been able to achieve a very high level of competence, such as to win primary references on a worldwide scale. Companies from all over the world rely on PackLab for their pressure sensitive application needs, in multiple manufacturing sectors: from Food to Cosmetic, from Chemicals to Pharmaceutical, from Packaging to Personal&Home Care.

Both large multinationals and small and medium-sized producers find in PackLab an effective answer, whether they choose a standardized or a fully customized solution.

Packlab Headquarter

Our solutions your advantages

The machines produced are modular, high-precision pressure sensitive linear labeling machines featuring many advantages.

First, total flexibility: the highly advanced technology allows to reach excellent standards even in the presence of sudden changes in production speed, so that they can easily adapt to the various needs of use.

Second, the wide range of offerings, which includes 8 lines of linear machines with different technical features and speeds, from 800 to 55,000 bph. In addition to labeling machines, PackLab's production range includes pressure sensitive stations from 20 to 120 m/min and free-standing applicators, capable of positioning the pressure sensitive label on various points of the product. In addition, the company offers the well-known "Print & Apply" system, extremely effective for product traceability, with the printing and application of the label on the end of the line and on the pallets.

Thirdly, product versatility: PackLab machines are ideal solutions for all types of cylindrical and shaped containers of various sizes, from vials to kegs, from jars to glass and plastic bottles. The absence of equipment for different formats guarantees considerable savings for anyone who needs to apply labels on containers of different shapes and sizes.

Pressure sensitive applications have virtually no limits: front and back, sides, wrap-around, top/bottom, NON STOP and many types of specialty applications.