Marcas de produtos ProMach

O que está em jogo? Tudo. Porque quando um cliente abre uma embalagem, é o momento em que o produto cumpre sua promessa. Portanto, cada uma dessas etapas deve estar perfeitamente harmonizada e planejada para execução.

ProMach é desempenho e a prova está em cada caixa.

PackLab é uma marca comercial da ProMach. A ProMach reúne as melhores marcas de soluções em embalagens, dirigidas a empresas fabricantes de todos os portes e áreas geográficas, atuando nos setores de alimentos, bebidas, farmacêutico, higiene pessoal, produtos domésticos e industriais.

As marcas ProMach abrangem toda a cadeia de fornecimento de embalagens: seja esterilizando, criando soluções para a indústria alimentícia ou farmacêutica, transporte, enchimento, tamponamento, encaixotamento, rotulagem, embalagem, selagem, paletização ou outros, a ProMach pode lidar com isso. O grupo também oferece serviços profissionais, incluindo soluções integradas, engenharia e design, serviços de engenharia e software de produtividade para otimizar o design da linha de embalagem e garantir o máximo rendimento.

A ProMach projeta, fabrica, integra e oferece suporte às soluções de embalagem mais sofisticadas e avançadas do mercado global. Os clientes atendidos variam de empresas Fortune 500 a pequenas empresas privadas em todo o mundo, contando com equipamentos e serviços integrados confiáveis, flexíveis e tecnologicamente avançados. A ProMach está sediada perto de Cincinnati, Ohio, com fábricas e escritórios nos Estados Unidos, Canadá, México, Brasil, Europa, Emirados Árabes Unidos e China.

Systems & Integration

As a leading single source provider of turnkey processing and packaging lines, ProMach efficiently and cost-effectively helps customers of all sizes ship more packaged goods out the door. Our global team of technical application and engineering experts can transform individual pieces of equipment into high-performance production lines and help mitigate risk by partnering with customers to provide everything from line design to the end of the line.


ProMach offers one of the most robust lineups of filling technologies in the world, with a complete range of solutions that can fill liquid and viscous food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal care, chemical, household, and industrial goods products into a variety of rigid containers. With our broad range of filling capabilities, we can partner with customers to help them choose the best solution for their unique application needs each and every time.

Bottling & Capping

ProMach offers a wide range of bottling and capping solutions that handle containers going into and coming out of filling operations. With automated solutions to unscramble and orient bottles, apply caps and closures, and create multipacked products, ProMach helps customers create the most productive primary packaging operations with more than 18,000 systems shipped around the globe.

Decorative Labeling

Rigid containers, including bottles, cans, jars, and more, are constantly updated to improve shelf appeal, emphasize new features, highlight nutrition facts, introduce new SKUs, enhance security, and more to win the war for consumer attention. All of these factors impact product labeling needs, and ProMach offers one of the most comprehensive labeling solution portfolios in the industry – from full body sleeves to multi-spot labeling and more – ProMach helps customers maximize the performance of their products on the shelf.

Flexibles & Trays

A single source provider of flexible packaging and rigid tray packaging solutions, ProMach serves a variety of industries and applications. With numerous machinery installations worldwide and a vast portfolio of rugged and proven solutions, ProMach offers extensive experience handling a wide range of products in diverse conditions. ProMach consults with customers to identify the ideal package type to fit their unique application for each project, giving customers both choice and flexibility. Many of the world’s most successful brands use ProMach solutions to package their products into bags, pouches, sachets, stickpacks, trays, and more.

Handling & Sterilizing

When customers need more than products simply moved from point A to point B, ProMach’s Handling solutions can accumulate, position, feed, orient, flip, stack, load, unload, distribute, rotate, reject, push, divert, index, and perform numerous other intricate product handling challenges. And when customers need to deliver shelf stable products to the marketplace, ProMach’s Sterilizing solutions span the entire range of retort technologies, from entry-level systems to entire automated retort rooms. ProMach backs these solutions with cellular line integration and engineering services to automate entire portions of production lines to achieve optimal performance.

Labeling & Coding

As a leading single source provider of high-quality labeling, coding, and marking systems, ProMach designs, manufactures, and integrates custom identification solutions to ensure peak operational efficiency. With advanced systems for applications in primary and secondary packaging, as well as distribution and fulfillment environments, our solutions provide accurate labeling and coding on virtually every substrate in every market.

Robotics & End of Line

Bundle it, pack it, seal it, palletize it, wrap it, and go: ProMach offers customers a single source for all their robotic and end of line packaging needs, from standalone applications to complex packaging systems. We also provide fully integrated end of line systems that offer the shortest path to production, as well as complete project management capabilities including financial and system-performance responsibility. With entry-level to high-speed applications for nearly all industries and markets, ProMach helps all types of customers achieve better performance and create greater value.


ProMach offers more than a century of experience in designing, manufacturing, integrating, and supporting the most sophisticated and advanced pharmaceutical and medical packaging solutions in the marketplace. ProMach’s technologies can meet the most challenging requirements with minimal downtime, higher productivity, and true pharmaceutical packaging performance, with compliance built right in.